How To Make It Big In Acting

How To Make It Big In Acting

When you’re first starting out in Hollywood, or even on the mean streets of Broadway in New York, you’ll take just about any acting job you can get in order to propel a career and have something substantial to put on your resume or video reel. No one knows this better than Greg Peralta, a struggling actor just trying to make it in a profession that is very difficult to break into. While people often talk about how difficult it is for men to break into the NFL or MLB, the same could be said for the acting career. Many actors never make it past their local theater, much less into Hollywood and on to the big screen (or small screen either for that matter). Following are some tips to help you or your loved one make it big, or at least enjoy a professional acting career.


Many actors feel they’re just too good for some parts, but the reality of the matter is, any part in the beginning is a stepping stone. Whether you’re offered a part in an STD commercial or a small part in an off-off Broadway production, acting work is good work. Once you’re established your career, you can afford to be picky, but for now, audition for everything and accept anything offered to you.


Another venue often overlooked in the acting profession is that of voice acting. Animation is more popular now than ever before, and the actor who can put personality into a drawn character will find work. Other voice acting jobs include voice overs for commercials. Once you get a foot in the door, this can be a lucrative stomping ground until you make it big with your face.


Any good acting program is going to prepare you to succeed, and to fail. They let you know right up front the odds of making it big and the odds of being a waiter with a walk-on part in a local production of “Our Town”. However, with continued faith in yourself, you increase your self confidence and that shows through to the casting directors.

By believing in yourself, taking any job you can find and trying various avenues, a novice actor can kick it up a notch and make it big.

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