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Wine Tasting Stages

Wine tasting can be exciting if you take your time to understand every bit of it.Unlike with water, you will enjoy the beverage to the fullest by engaging all your five senses.Just like when using your five senses to smell, to feel, to see, to taste and to hear, you can use them to fully get memorable experience.There is an amazing wine tasting experience which most wine tasters have never had before, due to the tempting nature of the beverage make quick sips and swallows.As you will realize, it is more than sipping and swallowing.There are three stages in proper wine tasting that you did not know.

You will get a different experience by taking your time to study the wine visually.You will register what you see in your brain and that will influence largely on the attitude you will have towards the drink. If you see the color you expected, you will start to imagine and psychologically prepare how you will enjoy the drink.The next step is swirling which will give you time to further examine the color and texture of the beverage.

The level of excitement will rise when you feel a taste that you anticipate, and this is the very reason for keenly observing the surface of your wine.Taking time to observe your wine will enable you to understand its true contents of wine, especially from the color.Another property you will be keen to look at is the texture of the wine, which will give an idea of its contents. The taste of wine in also determined by age and for that fact, you will understand the taste you will expect in your drink.

Phase two involves smelling. Smelling will give confirmation as to whether what you observed is really true. Smelling in itself is not the real tasting, rather it prepares for it, as it also gives you a tip on the aromatic class of the beverage. For example nutty and spicy can be associated with old white wine.

The last one is real tasting, which is also known as the palate.This phase prevails over everything else because it involves the use of three senses at a go. The mouth is filled with pads which will taste the sweetness, acidity, bitterness and the flavor.Furthermore, at the back of the mouth are receptors which will feel the temperature and texture of the wine.

Real wine tasting will involve the three phases.

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