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What It Takes to Create a Viral Video


Viral content has for the recent years become a trending form of entertainment with the greatest global impact. Viral videos are new ways of getting fame and celebrities are made overnight. Millions if not billions of people globally watch this videos uploaded either on YouTube or other resources. But what makes a video viral? What aspects comprise viral videos? Well, here are some pointers to guide you increasing viral videos.

Be Short & Sweet

The 140 character Twitter generation has little time to watch long videos. They want to watch as many viral videos as possible. Posting a video ten minutes long is deemed boring no matter how funny it is. Most viewers first take a look at how to log the video will last. 10 minutes is a big no, 3 minutes is ok, and 45 seconds is even better.A recent survey shows that viewers watching a one-minute long video opted out after only 30 seconds. Since you risk losing most of your viewers, it is important that you post a shorter video to get the most views.

how-to-make-vira-videoA recent survey shows that viewers watching a one-minute long video opted out after only 30 seconds. Since you risk losing most of your viewers, it is important that you post a shorter video to get the most views. Since it needs to be a short video, then you need to find a way to be extremely impactful in a matter of 30 seconds or less.

Lemonlight Media, a production company in the city of Los Angeles, know all about being short and sweet. They stress to their clients how important it is to post short and sweet videos to their social channels at least once a week. That way, it allows the brand to engage with their viewers and followers in a moremodern medium.

Be Upbeat

It goes without saying that the most highly shareable video is one that evokes the viewer’s emotions. Of those emotions, it is further clear that any vid4eo with positive or upbeat note instantly becomes viral. To be viral, a video should be able to strike an emotional chord with the viewers. Furthermore, viewers are highly likely to share upbeat videos than videos with a negative message. Therefore it is of utter importance of try as much as possible to spin your message positively while creating am a video with the intention of going viral.


Be Involved

Virility is all about engagement. Audiences like someone who can engage with them to develop interest and loyalty. After all, everyone likes to be heard. Getting involved in a video is like answering viewers questions on issues they would like to get clarification on. By also being involved, you’ll bring in a larger demographic because it becomes a bit more personalized.

Be Timely

Current events are important in getting the story to share in a video with the intention of making it go viral. In order to get the latest trending news, it’s good to regular surf the internet for breaking news or better yet hook up to an existing internet meme or popular topic to increase the odds of your video being watched.

Be Informative

how-to-make-viral-video-engageVarious audiences are always on the lookout for fresh ideas to do things or get entertained in a unique way. If your video content is highly informative on new ways of doing things or uniquely entertaining, then it’s highly likely to be shared by many people. Everyone wants to learn or view things that they didn’t already mow and videos can be a great way to curate new ideas and sharing to the world.

Be Inspiring

Everyone likes to be inspired. In this regard, in order to create a viral video, ensure to inspire your viewers in one way or another either in a story of overcoming a chronic illness, poverty or even finding success. Audiences love inspirational stories and the more inspirational they are the more likely they are going to share them.


Share your viral video experiences with us! Let us know if you’ve ever made a viral video, and how you came about to such a thing.

Video Production

Animated Video vs. Live Action Video



The Argument of Shooting an Animated Video vs. a Live Action Video

live-action-shootOn our first article, we want to tackle something we have all endured in our classes: to shoot an animated video vs shooting a live action video. Both take a lot of work and each has their own obstacles to overcome.

The impact on the final product and the finances mean that the product gets done quicker and may cost more because it may take longer to produce. The medium used can affect the script and the ideas generated from the beginning. Considerations should include the person’s skills and strengths and resources and if and how the person wants to outsource.

Things to Consider

  • The audience has to be considered.
  • The costs and resources are similar for both Live Video and Animation Video
  • Production time and changes for animation video production allow for last minute changes
  • Adaptations can be made to the video to coincide with company changes whenever that may be Innovative thinking about Animated Promotional video can show an endless scope for originality and novelty; it can use emotional stimulation;; it can be a fast, effective way of explaining anything

Pros. And Cons

  • A lot of planning and pre-production time goes into video whether live or animated
  • Both provide a ton of value

Who is Your Target Audience?animated-video-shoot-characters

It is a no-brainer that kids adore watching animated videos. Animated videos resonate much more with children than live action videos. However, a well executed animated video can resonate well with an older crowd. Like Forbes says, it is wise to determine what your focus is, and who you’re trying to attract.

Time Factor

Animation takes weeks and months depending on revisions. Live-action can be shot in one day. However, editing the live action video might take a week. Live Action means that making changes to the script or scenery changes means high costs. Animation means last minute changes mire easily done, flexibility.

How Big is Your Budget?

live-action-video-productionLive Action will need scripting, camera, lighting, sound, directing, talent, voice over, editing,  color correction, music and logo animations. While, an animated video will still need a script, illustration, animation, voiceover, editing and sound effects. Each has its own costs, and each requires a payment to talent. However, if you can find a friend who is willing to do the voiceover for a smaller price, this might be the way to go.

Live Action Video Pros

  • Can humanize production
  • Easy to get started
  • Shot and edited quickly


Live Action Video Cons

  • Need  Camera and equipment
  • Lots of pre-production needed
  • Dealing with talent
  • Revisions cost high and are hard to schedule

Animation Video Pros

  • There is no live talent
  • One can get started quicklyanimated-video-shoot
  • There is more flexibility
  • Easier to makes changes in end

AnimationVideo Cons

  • More skills will be needed to get started
  • May make a business look less serious
  • It will take a longer time to complete

Web Animation Pros and Cons

  • Visual elements change continuously
  • Perception is used to change that the brain finishes off missing elements to produce a sense of motion
  • Visualizes story using allegory or visualizations of movement
  • GIF animations were the renaissance of web design
  • Flash Animation  built in Flash player
  • Different tools  are needed
  • Must be flexible and light
  • Requires timing for physical and emotional meaning

What style of video shot do you prefer? What are you more comfortable in handling and producing? What was your most memorable animated and live action shot? Tell us below!